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Pierre d’Imbleval



After gaining his mechanical engineer qualifications at the ESTP in Paris and the University of Michigan, Pierre matured a strong transversal knowledge of business models through his experience as CIO in diverse environments, from automotive to oilfield services, retail, consultancy and furniture. As CIO, he focusses on bringing added value to the business rather than pure technology implementation. Pierre is also a keen motorbike racer, an environment that reinforced his belief that performance is a great combination of attention to details as well as collaborative efficiency. At BWT Alpine F1 Team, Pierre is responsible for the delivery of IT services to more than 1000 employees and to ensure that, from design and manufacturing to performance related applications, the team is supported by technology partners who can help it stay ahead in the digital transformation race. He is very keen to have IT people and technology contribute proactively to the business processes performance.

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